Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit Edition 128Mb Wifi Extender Dual-Core CPU

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Router Setup Steps
Support PC setting and APP setting, And you can change the settings page to the language of your country
PC settings: Please download Google Chrome in advance, and then open, this is the official setting webpage of Xiaomi router, you can translate it into your country’s language through Google Chrome, such as: English, Russian , Spanish, etc., just follow the prompts to set. Tookfun
APP setting: Please download the Xiaomi WiFi app in advance
1. Search and download the APP “Mi Wi-Fi” on Google Play or App Store.
2. Powering the router, and open the WiFi (on the phone) to connect the Xiaomi Router
3. 1) Create a Mi account then sign in your account;
     2) Follow the promotes to operation, click ”Dial-up access "to input your network account and the password; (The router supports PPPOE protocol)
     3) Click “More Options”, finish the primary base station (set up a new network name and password).
4. Open the APP, complete your WiFi setting.
* If you can't connect, please don't worry, please contact us, we will provide connection video





Xiaomi 4A Router Gigabit Edition Main Features


* Fiber grade full gigabit, the network speed is fast
* Dual-core CPU, fast Internet access
* Wireless dual-band 1167Mbps
* High gain 4 antenna, good signal through the wall
* Integrated signal amplifier
* 128MB large memory stable connection 128 terminal devices
* Intelligent error correction algorithm
* Super heat dissipation to ensure stable operation
* Simple design, easy to integrate into various home styles
Detailed parameters


Xiaomi 4A Router Gigabit Edition
Dual-core CPU / Gigabit network port / High gain 4 antenna /
128MB large memory stable connection 128 terminal devices / Support IPv6Fiber 
Fiber grade full gigabit, the network speed is fast
Fiber grade full gigabit
Provide a Gigabit WAN port and two Gigabit LAN ports, which can easily meet the access requirements
of 100M and above fiber broadband
Dual-core CPU, fast Internet access
Equipped with dual-core four-thread processor, single-core frequency up to 880MHz,
strong performance easily supports Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi data forwarding,
the Internet experience is smoother.
Wireless dual-band 1167Mbps, faster and smoother Internet access
Provide two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz without interference with each other,
and the dual-band concurrent wireless connection rate can reach up to 1167Mbps.
Dual frequency in one
Combine 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands into one Wi-Fi name, no longer need to worry about which Wi-Fi.
2.4GHz wall penetration is better,
5GHz rate is higher, and the optimal frequency band is independently selected by the dual-frequency terminal.
High gain 4 antenna, good signal through the wall
4 external omnidirectional high-gain antennas, after precision testing,
with reasonable internal structure and layout, fully improve transmission performance
Integrated signal amplifier
2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless chips integrate PA and LNA respectively.
PA (power amplifier) effectively enhances the signal transmission power,
and LNA (low noise amplifier) can improve the signal reception sensitivity.
The signal transmission distance is farther, the wall penetration is better, and the coverage is wider.
128MB large memory stable connection 128 terminal devices
Using 128MB large memory to ensure the stability of data transmission
Support IPv6
The Mi Router 4A Gigabit version supports IPv6,
which facilitates access to education network resources of well-known universities and prepares for future
IPv6 scale deployment.
Intelligent error correction algorithm
The 5GHz frequency band supports LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) error correction algorithm,
which enhances the anti-interference ability during data transmission,
significantly enhances the Wi-Fi signal coverage and improves the data transmission efficiency.
Super heat dissipation to ensure stable operation
The fuselage adopts large-area aluminum-magnesium alloy heat sink and high thermal conductivity
thermal adhesive, and the bottom has large holes,
which effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency. Tookfun
Environmental protection shell
Millet Router 4A Gigabit version of the host casing and packaging,
using recyclable environmentally friendly materials. The main body adopts a simple geometric appearance,
free of sprayed white frosted plastic shell, simple and durable, and harmonious with the home. Tookfun
Cooperation with international authoritative test instrument manufacturers
By cooperating with international authoritative test instrument manufacturers such as Spirent and Ixia,
large-scale testing is carried out to simulate the performance of routers in home scenarios
and extreme conditions to ensure the stable operation of routers under various conditions.
Parcel list
router / Instructions for use / power cable

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