SanDisk U3 Memory Card 128GB 64GB SDXC Micro SD Card 32GB SDHC V30 U3 C10 Official Verification Microsd for Smartphone/Tablet

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Capacity: 32 GB Read Speed: up to 100MB/s Write Speed: up to 60MB/s Video Speed: C10, V30 , U3 , A1 Capacity: 64 GB Read Speed: up to 160MB/s Write Speed: up to 60MB/s Video Speed: C10, V30 , U3 , A2 Capacity:128 GB 256GB Read Speed: up to 160MB/s Write Speed: up to 90MB/s Video Speed: C10, V30 , U3 , A2

About capacity:

32GB=approximately 28GB-30GB 64GB=approximately 58GB-60GB 128GB=approximately 115GB-120GB This is calculation difference between manufacturer and our PC, please Google Memory card capacity to get more information

Warm Tips:

100% SanDisk genuine memory card with lifetime warranty Please use quaity card reader to verify all memory card by H2testw on PC Please don't use cheap card reader to test Micro SD card, speed of Micro SD card will be reduced by low quality card reader The most reliable software to verify memory card is H2testw *1 The Product is labeled based on the memory chip (s) it contains, not the amount of memory capacity available for data storage by the end user. Part of the capacity is reserved for card functionality. Approximate usable capacity is based on 1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes. *2, 1 MB per second is calculated as 1,000,000 bytes per second. *3, Based on SanDisk's test results. *Actual read and write speeds depend upon the device in use and the size of the fil