12Volt Universal One-click Boot System Modify Keyless Access System Alarm System Remote Starts Remote Control Auto Car One Starts Stop Engine System

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This product is equipped with a starting system, which can be used for remote preheating and cooling. PKE alarm can be used, and user can comfortably enter the car and improve the driving experience of car owners.

Intelligent car, one-click to starts the intelligent keys upgrade system.
12Volt universal, all-in-one machine function.
Easy to carry and use.
Set prompt sound, sound and light anti-theft.
Enter without keys, carry the intelligent keys 2 meters close to the vehicle. The system automatically recognizes the intelligent keys and unlocks it.
Remote starts, remote preheating in winter, remote air conditioning in summer.
If the door is not closed, the light will flash all the time.

Material: plastics+metal
Battery: 3V, 240mAh (CR2032)
Working temperature: -40℃~80℃
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 KPa
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Working voltage: direct current 12Volt +/- 3Volt
High frequency: 433.92 MHZ
Low frequency: 125 KHZ
Applicable model: 12Volt gasoline car general motors
Package size: 175 * 148 * 59mm / 6.9 * 5.8 * 2.3in
Package weight: 556g / 1.2lb

Package List:
1 * Host
2 * Remote Control
1 * Line
1 * Function Line
2 * Low-frequency Antenna
1 * Button
1 * Starts Harness
1 * Instruction